An Open Letter

I’ve been thinking a lot about my brand and it’s identity. I was advised to separate myself from it to usher in success but the thing that makes my brand unique is me. Hatari Haus’s name was inspired by a cacophonous song by a bizarre band. I liked the song because it disassembles all conventions when it comes to music. There’s an intersectionality of sounds from different cultures and wailing that resonates with both the agony of the human experience and the joy. I feel like if you’re married to any convention then you won’t understand where I’m coming from. The concept of the “Inbetweeners” is just that; that in between space in a person that makes them well rounded, multifaceted, innovative and unconventional. My brand is about everything I see in my head, in my way. It is impossible to separate from that. I am not interested in copying anyone else’s style or being successful for success’s sake. I find my joy, peace and sense of success whenever I create; that’s enough.